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Friday, December 27, 2013


The extremely hot sun's rays penetrate into almost every conceivable cavity bringing an abundance of UV rays, infrared rays and heat. 

This concentrated cocktail of rays  strikes your roof and the majority of these are converted into heat energy that penetrates the roof cavity. The result, a veritable cookhouse inside your building.

Join the thousands of South Africans who have discovered the huge benefits of controlling indoor temperature the natural way. Eco-Insulation is made from a natural product, cellulose, which emulates natures way of shading the earth from the hot rays  of the sun - like a forest canopy of trees. Can you imagine anything else more natural? Ask your insulation supplier just how much energy has been used in producing their brand of insulation. Eco-Insulation has conceivably the lowest environmental footprint around.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Your favourite green brand, Eco-Insulation, is the perfect retrofit option due to its unique method of installation and minimal impact on other building site activities. "This has made the company very accessible to housing developments where the company takes it's energy efficient, on time and on budget maxim very seriously”, says our general manager,  Richard Ellis.

Outstanding retrofit projects have included two very interesting national landmarks, Cape Town's Castle of Good Hope and the Steenberg Hotel and Spa complex – among the oldest buildings in South Africa.

In the case of the Castle, Eco-Insulation was pumped into place during the scheduled replacement of the entire roof over the admin block inside the Castle.

 An earlier generation non-performing insulation was removed by Eco-Insulation's team, using the requisite personal protection equipment, and new product pumped into place. (See photos)

Workers equipped with PPE remove early generation insulation.

At the Steenberg Hotel, a flat roof over the famous restaurant received the Eco-Insulation treatment – quickly and efficiently.

What is important about both these installations is the adaptable and non-invasive nature of the process. The installer's teams work alongside the roofing contractor to get the job done. In addition, the coverage is 100%, which is not always easy for other products and methods of installation that cannot access every nook and cranny of the roof.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Eco-Insulation has recently launched its brand new website;

Our new site strives to provide specifying professionals, developers, project managers, contractors and the public with up to date information on how to save energy while maintaining a comfortable climate inside the building.

Up to now, our efforts in this regard have paid off - not only for the brand but for our valued customers also. Why be with any other brand when you can be with the winning team? Eco-Insulation has received more spontaneous unsolicited positive comments on Hello Peter than any other brand of consumer insulation. Check this out on   Now that's consumer confidence.

 Professionals, see our latest accolade below, as appearing in the Specifier magazine of September.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Eco-Insulation: Comes to the attention of the highly newsworthy "Engineering News" publication this month. Eco-Insulation's Richard is interviewed by Engineering News' Ilan Solomons in the magazine's Heating and Cooling annual feature article.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eco-Insulation - Easy, non-invasive installation process

At the heart of Eco-Insulation's promise to the trade, the building profession and the public is the promise "On time, on budget ........ and Energy Efficient"

See our latest video that ably demonstrates the simplicity and efficiency of our installation process:

View "The Big Easy" here: Go to  Youtube video.  -----------

Eco-Insulation strives to work for you the way it worked for the homeowner in this video story!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


As published in "The Specifier" April 2013

Energy efficiency is a key ingredient in the global initiative to combat the effects of global warming that are causing climate change. It is important in mitigating the social, economic and environmental impacts of climate change on the economic growth of developing nations. Energy efficiency is also needed to help stabilise South Africa's appetite for increased energy usage.

One company, Eco-Insulation, believes itself to be the definitive cost-effective solution for housing projects and retrofits. According to the company's Richard Ellis, 'Our promise is energy efficient, on time and on budget. Hence we aim to save the project manager and ultimately the property owner money. There's no arguing about that! '

Eco-Insulation believes that there would be no incentive for a landlord to do a refit unless there is a demand for the upgraded space to be energy efficient, or a demand from occupants to lower their operating costs. 'The best things about our recycled cellulose fibre insulation is that it is an extremely easy and efficient retrofit. The client calls, and we install. As simple as that.' says Ellis.

Eco-Insulation might be made from fire-retarded recycled newsprint, but this belies the high tech and robust nature of its performance. The product is both SABS-approved and fire-rated, meaning no spread of fire in the roof where the it is installed. Professionally installed, it is rapidly and efficiently pumped into place in the roof, cavity wall or even under the floor. Due to the fact that it is professionally and correctly installed, it meets all the specifications prescribed by the Thermal Insulation Association of South Africa (TIASA), and SANS building codes. Eco-Insulation's GM, Richard Ellis tells us that the product is ideal for roofing in a multi-home residential development. “Rats, mice and other household pests find it very difficult to nest inside a roof that contains Eco-Insulation – in fact they are repelled by it. So this makes the product an ideal solution for low cost  areas where such animals naturally reside and where little prospect for maintenance exits!”

 Ideal for Low Cost Housing, too

The insulation industry is challenged by the entry of unaccredited low cost low delivery new installers. Industry association TIASA, strives to make a difference but at present new operators are not obliged to join. In the case of insulation, there is also the ever-present (electrical) downlighter fire hazard above the ceiling. Eco-Insulation has produced some innovative ways of minimising this risk, but some surprisingly well established conventional insulation products still carry heavy risk if downlighters are not treated correctly.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


For those architects, developers and built environment professionals who might be hesitant in specifying Eco-Insulation for whatsoever reason, we would like to draw your attention to a very recent posting that an Eco-Insulation client and ordinary member of the public made on the customer website, Hello Peter:

"I very recently decided to insulate my house/roof and made use of the services of Eco-Insulation. Huge accolade to Mauritz De Jager of the company as well as Louis who were extremely professional and provided first class service. Their product is SABS approved. This week end past we had our first cold front and I can most certainly feel the difference in our home. I would most certainly recommend this company and in particular Mauritz de Jager and his team headed by Louis. We subsequently picked up a leak from the roof. Whilst I had no proof that the leak may have been caused by some of my tiles being adjusted on the roof to facilitate Eco-Insulation gaining access to my roof, Mauritz nevertheless sent his people in and whilst it subsequently became evidently clear that the leak was in NO WAY related to the recent installation of the work undertaken by Eco-Insulation, Louis nevertheless undertook the repair work at no cost to me. Now this is what I call first class service!!! I would make use of their services without a doubt. Well done Mauritz and Louis, people of your calibre in terms of customer serrvice are hard to find now a days." Customer, Horison Park, Gauteng.

At Eco-Insulation our corporate motto is "On Time, On Budget and Energy Saving". The above unsolicited endorsement received from our customer sums it up, doesn't it!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


According to Mr. Malusi Gigaba, the South African Minister of Public Enterprises, South Africans could face some rather unexpected power cuts with the run into winter, since at least two traditional sources of power supply, namely Koeberg 1 and the Cahora Bassa Dam are offline and the country is unable to meet projected peak power demands going forward. 

South Africans recently demonstrated their prowess during Earth Hour 2013, when over 600 MW was saved in the hours 8.30 pm - 9.30 pm Saturday 23 March.

Looking out over the city, it was clear that not all households had turned off their lights, so imagine the power saving potential if we all did.

Let's work together during this difficult time of power shortage. Also remember that Eco-Insulation gives you the most elegant was of saving on your heating (and cooling) bills. For a one-time cost-effective investment, you receive years of power saving, going forward. We estimate your savings will pay our installation bill within 2 years, and under.

Come on South Africa, let's do it!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Eco-Insulation at Durbanville Prep - The Inside Story

Eco-Insulation Cellulose Fibre Ceiling Insulation. Ideal for schools and public buildings? And how!

Eco-Insulation was recently installed over a large area of ceiling in the classrooms at Durbanville Preparatory School

The problem of excessive electricity consumption lay in reducing reliance on air conditioning during seasonal temperature extremes - and also preparing for possible load shedding -  very much part of the South African horizon, given the cutbacks on Eskom's planned infrastructure upgrade spend this year as the grid nears capacity.

(Pic) One of many air conditioning units inside a classroom at the school - 
now seldom used due to effective thermal insulation.

Eco-Insulation is ideally suited to working public buildings due to:

a) Minimum disruption

(Pic)  All  it takes is the pneumatic hose, fed 
through a tile in the roof that is removed.

(Pic) Eco-Insulation's expert staff member gets to grips with pumping eco-friendly recycled cellulose SABS-approved thermal roof insulation through the hole in the roof. The product assumes a fluid consistency and spreads out in the ceiling with minimal human intervention. It rapidly fills every nook and cranny, assuring a uniform 100% rate of coverage across the ceiling area.

- The Eco-Insulation team works in the background at Durbanville Preparatory School whilst classes are happening. Minimal impact.

- Minimum disruption to roof infrastructure - single tiles are removed - minimal potential for damage.

b). Convenient

An important part of Eco-Insulation's quote is the removal and approved disposal of any existing non functioning insulation product from the roof space. Eco-Insulation has an approved method of removing and disposal of skin-unfriendly glass fibre material, which traditionally presents a huge headache for property owners due to the fact that many established municipal waste facilities will not accept this type of builders' waste.

"A turnkey service in all sense of the word" says Richard Ellis, general manager of Eco-Insulation and principal installer in the Cape Town area. "And its SABS - approved !"

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The latest edition - Jan/Feb 2013 - of Leading Architecture and Design Magazine, South Africa, contains a special leading focus on retrofitting and energy efficiency. Eco-Insulation was the only independent manufacturer and fitter to have its views extensively aired in this feature. In addition, a recent photograph showing the simplicity  of the process was prominently featured in the feature:

When asked he question, "what is your view on the debate that ‘green’ buildings or ‘green’ technologies currently cost too much to implement?", Richard Ellis, the Eco-Insulation GM responded:

"The industry needs to provide more cost-effective solutions, or argue their case better. In our case, Eco-Insulation is definitely the more cost-effective solution. As far as housing projects are concerned, our promise is energy efficient, on time and on budget. We save the project manager and ultimately the property owner money."

He went on to say that retrofitting of energy efficiency measures is currently driven by the occupants / tenants / users of the building, since they are the most immediately affected by energy cost increases.

Asked about the challenges that energy efficiency retrofitters must overcome in the SA building market, Richard also commented: "The insulation industry is challenged by the entry of unaccredited low cost low delivery new installers. Our industry association, TIASA, strives to make a difference but at present new operators are not obliged to join. In the case of insulation, there is also the ever-present (electrical) downlighter fire hazard above the ceiling. Eco-Insulation has produced some innovative ways of minimising this risk, but some surprisingly well established conventional insulation products still carry heavy risk if downlighters are not treated correctly."

Eco-Insulation is clearly the wise choice. It contains South African Bureau of Standards Approval under the relevant building code; it has passed the requirements of fire testing and been rated as  B/B1/2 "No Spread of Flame". It has been awarded with a Southern African Energy Efficiency Association Excellence Award. Why take chances with suppliers of lesser credentials?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Eco-Insulation reaches out to community

Supported by Architecture for Humanity, Football for Hope is an outreach initiative of FIFA™ given impetus by it's “20 Centres for 2010” programme that begun in South Africa as the official campaign the FIFA World Cup™ 2010.  The centres are operated  by Grassroot Football, where a large focus is not only on the development of soccer, but on the prevention of AIDS.

At the the most recently completed pro-bono project, KZN insulation installer, Ross Dunbar, donated his services and product to the construction of the latest Kwa-Kwa Football for Hope Centre, close to Harrismith. An excess of 150 m2 of Eco-Insulation was professionally pumped into the roof above the ceiling.

According to Architecture for Humanity local architect, George Kinuthia, the Eco-Insulation team “ was very professional and engaging in the whole process from arrival, assessing the scope, advising how they plan to execute, execution and satisfactory completion of the same.”

This results in a much more comfortable interior for the building, cooler in summer and warmer in winter, indeed good news for an extreme climate.

Monday, January 21, 2013


As the weather gets warmer this South African summer, it's the best time to fit Eco-Insulation in the roof. Browse through this blog or visit our website, , to see just how easy it is.

Eco-Insulation is not intended as a DYI product. It's a full professionally serviced installation that leaves you with a much cooler home in summer and a certificate of installation by qualified installers who know what they are doing. Give us a try today.

Oh, and beware of fly-by-nights, especially those who don't carry SABS approval.

Eco-Insulation is SABS approved and is a full member of the professional SA body, TIASA. That is your warranty of quality and performance.